08 August, 2009

Timpanogos Falls #052 & Mt. Timpanogos Hike

8th of August, 2009 I hiked up to Timpanogos Falls and further up Mt. Timpanogos, with my sidekick, Charlie Brown.

“Description: This hike goes to a scenic waterfall on the east side of Mt Timpanogos. It is an easy hike up a wide and well-maintained trail.

The hike follows the Mt Timpanogos Trail - the same trail that runs from Aspen Grove to the mountain's summit. Several waterfalls can be seen along the trail. This is the first, and perhaps the most scenic. Hike to the waterfall and then return the way you came. Or continue as far as you want - it is a big mountain with virtually unlimited space to explore.”
- http://www.utah.com/thingtodo26970.htm

This was definitely the most scenic, beautiful (and wet) hike I’ve been on so far. Streams cross the trail in many places with an array of wild flowers in bloom everywhere. It had spectacular views, and all the way up the mountain, waterfalls can be seen.

And off we go!

Taking a break under some trees.
I love Indian Paintbrush!
Charlie Brown getting his picture taken in front of the first falls.

Looking behind me.
Looking up above me.

Closer to the clouds.

Up close and personal with the glaciers.

I made myself a goal to make it up to one of the higher waterfalls and then turn around. The waterfall I made it to was next to several glaciers and it got quite chilly. My light jacket didn’t feel like it would have been enough to keep me warm if I had ventured any further.

Hornets nest
Hornets making the nest

I would like to try this hike again in the fall when all the leaves have changed color. Maybe even make it up to the summit next time!