16 September, 2009

India Festival

On the 12th of September, 2009 I went to the 23rd Annual India Festival at the Krishna Temple, located in Spanish Fork, Utah.

The festival is set around the main event, the pageant of the epic Ramayana and the burning of a 20’ high ten-headed demon named Ravana. Multi-course meals were served of Indian curry with home made cheese (paneer), blueberry hallava (which I thought was quite tasty!), spicy Bengali rice, and giant lentil chips (papadams).

The Krishna Temple.
The 20 ft. high effigy of Ravana in day light.
Through out the entire evening, there were dancers in beautiful costumes performing on the stage.
Sri Surya Sidharthan performing.
Me in my beautiful sari on the second story of the temple.
The 20 ft. high effigy of Ravana at night in front of the Koi pond.
The Krishna Temple at night.
The Krishna Temple at night.

Pageant of the Ramayana.
Ravana is burned by flaming arrows, but I left before the exciting part. Here is a picture of it though.

09 September, 2009

The ordinary contains the extraordinary in it

Haiku by Basho:

When I look carefully,
I see the nazunia blooming
by the hedge!

“The nazunia is a common flower--grows by itself by the side of the road, a grass flower. It is so common that nobody ever looks at it. It is not a precious rose, it is not a rare lotus. It is easy to see the beauty of a rare lotus floating on a lake--a blue lotus, how can you avoid seeing it? For a moment you are bound to be caught by its beauty. Or a beautiful rose dancing in the wind, in the sun… for a split second it possesses you. It is stunning. But a nazunia is an ordinary, common flower. It needs no gardening, no gardener; it grows by itself anywhere. To see a nazunia carefully a meditator is needed, a delicate consciousness is needed; otherwise you will pass it by. It has no apparent beauty, its beauty is deep. Its beauty is that of the ordinary, but ordinary contains the extraordinary in it--even the nazunia. Unless you penetrate it with a sympathetic heart, you will miss it.”

Here are some pictures of Utah's ordinary wildflowers, which I think are extraordinary!

Notice the hornet hiding inside the flower.

Cascade Springs