29 July, 2009

Stewart Falls (Cascades) #056

I did this hike 28th of July, 2009.

Stewart Falls (Cascades) is located in Provo Canyon, Utah, on the back side of Mount Timpanogos. The trail starts just after Aspen Grove, along the Alpine Loop Road. Several trails start here so pay attention to the signs. The Stewart Fall trail is easy to find.

"Description: Stewart Falls is one of the most scenic, and photogenic, waterfalls in northern Utah. It falls in two tiers, and is over 200 feet tall. It is a moderate hike through a beautiful forest on the east side of Mt Timpanogos." - http://www.utah.com/thingtodo26969.htm

*Warning to anyone attempting this hike: The trail is lined with a lot of stinging nettle! This is no exaggeration! Stay clear of the pointy leaf plants or wear pants.
Parking and trail start view.
Trail sign.
Pretty purple flowers.
Here we go!
Going up!
At one point, it felt like I was hiking through a lush jungle, but minus the humidity and bugs.
Tee hiking.
View from the trail.
When we got close and could hear the water in the distance, butterflies and dragonflies greeted us. It was almost magical! (Unfortunately, in my rush to take a picture of a butterfly before it flew away, the picture turned out blurry).
I can see water...
Getting closer... (upper falls)
And we have arrived at the final destination! Beautiful!
Me & Charlie Brown in front of the falls.

I packed a lunch for Charlie Brown & I so we could have a picnic after we arrived at our destination. A "Starkist Lunch-To-Go" (tuna, mayo, relish, with crackers) for me and a zip lock baggie of dog food for Brownie. I found a large rock on the side of the stream to sit and eat. Brownie chose to sit in the shallow stream.

Upper falls.
Lower falls.
Lower falls.
Charlie Brown being a good boy.

Tee in front of the falls.
Of course, you can't go up through Provo Canyon with out stopping to see Bridal Veil Falls! (It is visible from Highway 189)

23 July, 2009

Llama Festival at the Krishna Temple

The Llama Festival was on 18th of July, 2009. It was at the Krishna Temple in Salem, Utah. I stopped by near the end of the day. Here are a few pictures from that visit.

Timpanogos Cave

I did the Timpanogos Cave Hike and Tour on 18th of July, 2009.

Timpanogos Cave is located in American Fork Canyon, Utah. The cave consists of three moderate-sized limestone caves: Hansen Cave, Middle Cave, and Timpanogos Cave.
"To reach Timpanogos Cave System, which is located 6,730 feet above sea level, visitors must hike the 1.5 mile (2.4 km) hard-surfaced cave trail. The trail, which rises 1,065 feet (325 m), is considered a strenuous hike. Anyone with heart trouble or breathing problems should not attempt the hike." I have exercised induced asthma. This hike definitely challenged me, but I did it!
The ranger and tour guide for my group is named Charles. (see picture near the end)

Hobble Creek Parkway Trail

Hobble Creek Parkway Trail is where Charlie Brown and I frequently like to go for walks. It's a nice paved trail next to a stream.

Here are some pictures of things we have seen on some of our walks. The trail has bird houses hanging in the trees and also some strange art(?) or large bird houses(?)