27 May, 2012

Fremont Indian State Park

Field trip!

During construction of Interstate 70, ruins from a large ancient Fremont Indian village were uncovered. This museum was built to preserve treasures from the site, including pottery, baskets and arrowheads. The ancient people decorated many nearby cliff walls with unique rock art. Spend a few hours at the museum, tour the rock art sites and then camp at nearby Castle Rock Campground.
Approximately 180 miles south of Salt Lake City.
Located 21 miles southwest of Richfield on Interstate 70.

The trails right behind the visitors center:

 Five Finger Ridge right behind me where ruins from a large ancient Fremont Indian village were uncovered.
And onto the Centennial Trail...

100 Hands Cave

Blanket Pictograph
Sheep Shelter

My instagram photo of one of the butterflies on my hike on the Centennial Trail.

16 May, 2012

San Diego Road Trip

May 9th-13th, 2012

ITU World Triathlon San Diego

I took a little break from the everyday grind to go support my friend, Paul, who was doing his first Olympic distant triathlon. Our friend, Jonathan, also joined us on this fun little road trip. While we were there, we also watched the women's and men's pro races as well for the Olympic qualifications.

(click on the pictures to view them larger)

One of the stops along the way was Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, CA.

Making peace with the aliens.
Jonathan making peace with the aliens.
Paul with the aliens
I wanted to know what aliens tasted like... Yup, tastes like beef jerky!

Jonathan out site seeing...

Site seeing at the San Diego Bay

Me, Paul, and Jonathan
Star of India

USS Midway
Paul in front of Downtown

ITU Triathlon - Women's Race

Watching the women race
Showing off my triathlon muscles
Beach Time
Toes in the sand


Paul's Race Day
Paul ready to race
Me and Jonathan waiting for Paul to finish the swim

Almost done
Coming down the finish line
Crossing the finish line

2012 San Diego Age Group Highlights video- At about 45 seconds, you can catch a glimps of me and Jonathan waiting for Paul to finish his race.