26 March, 2010

Weekend in L.A., California

2010, March 19th - the 21st

My friend, Paul, took me to L.A. with him for the main purpose of seeing John Digweeds' show at the Avalon in Hollywood, and a little sunshine as well. As I was driving to Paul's house before we left, it was snowing big, white, fluffy snowflakes. I couldn't wait to get to California to warmer weather!

Mom, don't leave me!

Two of our friends, Alex and Brandon, that were going to meet up with us for the show were already out there. And we had three more friends, Mike, Jonathan, and Steve, joining us the next day. So, we had a group of 7 going to the show together.

We flew in on Friday the 19th in the evening. After waiting in a long line for a rental car, we met up with one of Paul's friends for dinner. After that it was a long drive to the hotel where we were staying, and then more driving to find parking. Welcome to L.A.!

The next day, Saturday the 20th, we drove out to Santa Monica. We had brunch at a British pub where Paul explained Rugby to me. While watching the Rugby game on the TVs and eating, I enjoyed a delicious spicy Bloody Mary. Yum! After that we wondered through 3rd Street Promenade and then Santa Monica Pier. After the pier we went down onto the beach where the water was cold as ice but we had to put our feet in it any ways! Santa Monica had been slightly smoggy (and much cooler than Hollywood) when we arrived and had gotten worse (and much more chilly) the longer we stayed. After sitting on the beach for a while, it was back in the L.A. traffic to the hotel for nap time.

Public Art Display

Spicy Bloody Mary

Paul and Me at the British pub

Strange little guys walking around 3rd Street Promenade.

Paul needed a drink.

Dinosaurs water fountains

Me and Paul by the Dino fountains.

Santa Monica Pier

War memorial by the pier.

The Ocean

Under the pier

Paul and I waiting to ride the roller coaster.

A magic fortunetelling machine like the one from the 1988 movie "Big"

Paul getting his feet wet.

The water is freezing!

A little girl joyfully playing in the cold water.

That evening the "L.A. 7" (as Alexa had dubbed us) all met up for dinner before the big evening out.

Group photo before the big night out.


more walking...

and more walking.

Waiting in line.

Inside Avalon

Mike, Me, Alexa, Steve, Brandon, and Jonathan

Mike, Paul, Me, Alexa, Brandon, Jonathan

Mike, Alexa, Brandon

Steve and Mike

This was the coolest stage set for a DJ I have EVER seen! It looked like a night jungle scene from the movie "Avatar". It was 3D looking and luminescent. These photos just do not do it any justice.

John Digweed

Light and screen show

Sunday the 21st was spent recovering from being up all night and traveling back.