23 June, 2010

Alpine Loop, Timpanogos Falls, Cascade Spings 2010

June 19th, 2010

My friend, Paul, wanted to go for a drive on the Alpine Loop in his convertible. (WWWEEEEeeeeeeee......! *hands up in the air above my head like a roller coaster*) So I suggested going for a hike to the Timpanogos Falls since we would be out by there. Then we took a small detour to go to Cascade Springs. It was a beautiful sunny day, and not too hot.

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Me and Paul
The first waterfalls at Timpanogos Falls.
Me at the first waterfalls - Timpanogos Falls.
Paul at the first waterfalls - Timpanogos Falls.
The first waterfalls - Timpanogos Falls.
Looking down the bottom part of the waterfall - Timpanogos Falls.
Falling over the edge.

Looking up Mt. Timpanogos at all the waterfalls coming down.
Streams of water everywhere!
Second waterfalls.
Looking out away from the falls. The air is so clear and the sky much more blue than in the valley.
What does this cloud look like to you?
Paul at the second waterfalls.

Me at Cascade Springs.
Paul at Cascade Springs

Me on the bridge.


Paul on the bridge at Cascade Springs.

Cascade Springs
Little bugs with orange stripes on them sitting on the Monkeyflowers.
Part of the road was flooded.
Alpine Loop
Zooming through the curves on the Alpine Loop
An attempt at a panorama picture of the waterfall - Timpanogos Waterfalls
An attempt at panorama picture look out away from the water fall - Timpanogos Falls
Mt. Timpanogos (picture taken with my phone "Retro Camera - Little Orange Box" app)

20 June, 2010

Fifth Water Waterfalls & Hot Springs (Diamond Fork)

I did this hike June 17th and 19th, 2010.

  • http://www.utah.com/thingtodo26961.htm

Fifth Water Waterfalls and Hot Spring

Length: 4.5 miles out and back

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Three scenic waterfalls and some very nice
hot springs are located along Fifth Water Creek, which is
a tributary to the Diamond Fork River, east of Spanish
Fork. You can reach the springs and waterfalls from the
Three Forks Trailhead in Diamond Fork Canyon, or from
the Rays Valley Trailhead (located on the Rays Valley
Road north of Hwy 6).

The hot springs are very popular and draw crowds on
weekends during warm weather. Several soaking pools
are available. The water is clear and you can vary its
temperature by positioning yourself at different points
in the pools, and by regulating the water flows into the
pools. Warning: some individuals choose to soak nude
in the pools. That is against the law, but it is common
to see nude people here.

The lower waterfall comes right down next to the main
soaking pool. The second (counting up from the
bottom) is a photogenic multi-tiered waterfall that is
worth searching out. A third waterfall exists further up
the stream.

During winter, snow is usually well packed and you can
usually hike to the hot pools without snowshoes. You will
need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to reach the trailhead.

Three Forks Trailhead
To get to the trailhead, drive Hwy 6 east from Spanish
Fork for about 11 miles to the signed Diamond Fork
turnoff. Follow the Diamond Fork road about 10 miles
to the signed trailhead. From the trailhead, cross the
small Diamond Fork River and then follow the obvious
trail east into the canyon. The trail is wide and
well-maintained. It follows along the north side of Sixth
Water Creek.

Bridge and Fork
The stream and trail fork about a mile above the
trailhead. Cross Sixth Water on the bridge and then take
the trail on the right, which follows the much smaller Fifth
Water Creek. Again, you'll be on the north side of the
creek and will be hiking east.

Main Waterfall
The main pools are right below the first waterfall,
which you can't miss as you hike the trail. You'll start
to smell sulfur as you approach the area. The hot
water does contain sulfur, but otherwise is clear
and pleasant.

Second Waterfall
A second, higher waterfall is located just a short
way above the first. This one is the most photogenic.
There are two very nice soaking pools along the
stream between the first and second waterfall.

Rays Valley Trailhead
You can also reach the waterfalls and hot pools by
hiking down Fifth Water Creek from the Rays Valley
Trailhead. To reach this trailhead from Spanish Fork,
drive east on Hwy 6 for about 22.5 miles. At that
point take a paved road that heads north. It is signed
for Sheep Creek/Strawberry Reservoir. Follow that
road for about 14 miles to the obvious trailhead.
(The trailhead is usually signed but vandals
sometimes tear down the sign). From the trailhead,
follow the obvious trail southwest into the deepening
canyon. Fifth Water Creek crosses Rays Valley
Road next to the trailhead, but it may not have flowing
water during some seasons. As you hike, the stream
will soon pick up water. The trail just follows the
stream down to the waterfalls and hot pools. The main
pools are about 2.5 miles from this trailhead. The trail
is easy and well-maintained.
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A little mud nest for a bug of some sort.

A snake!

Another snake!

Hot Springs

Main Waterfall and Hot Springs
Brownie enjoying the water.
Main Waterfall.
Me in front of the Main Waterfall.

Enjoying the hot water in the upper hot springs... in the shade.

Someone's undies in the trees.

Another snake!!

Second Waterfall.

Charlie Brown looking a little tired.
At the top of the Second Waterfall, looking down.

Charlie Brown and I had a picnic on the top/middle of the waterfall.

A strange little plant with bubbly leaves.

And another snake!!!

Charlie Brown and I enjoying the warm water and sun.

(Photo taken with my "Retro Camera - Little Orange Box" app. on my phone)
(Photo taken with my "Retro Camera - Little Orange Box" app. on my phone)