29 May, 2011

Sheiks Canyon/Yellow House Ruins/Grand Gulch

Memorial Weekend, Day 3

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Yellow House Ruins

Pottery shards. Yes, I left them there.

The Ruins just passed the Yellow House Ruins

Cactus Flowers

Grand Gulch

Panoramic photo of the Grand Gulch

We went into this area not knowing what was there (rock art, more ruins). We heard of the green mask from other hikers on the trail and went in search of it. We did not find it. Instead we found an amazing view looking down into the Grand Gulch. 

For more info on this area, trail, and sites: http://www.toddshikingguide.com/Hikes/Utah/CedarMesa/CedarMesa7.htm

If anyone would like to help me acquire a new fancy camera so I can take better photos, please see my Wishlist

28 May, 2011

The Fortress Ruins, The Castle Ruins, and Sipapu Bridge, Utah

Memorial Weekend, Day 2

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The Fortress Ruins

The oasis below The Fortress
Large old trees below The Fortress
Looking up at The Fortress

The Castle Ruins

Panoramic photo of The Castle Ruins

Sipapu Bridge

27 May, 2011

Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

Memorial Weekend, Day 1

My friend, Carey, and I went hiking in Horseshoe Canyon to see the ancient rock art. Starting out that morning, the desert was warm with the scent of flowers in the air. Since it had been such a wet spring, the whole desert was green and full of wild flowers of every kind. Definitely a rare site! 

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The Great Gallery

1st panel - Horseshoe Shelter

Panoramic photo of the panel

2nd panel

3rd panel

Panoramic photo of the 3rd panel

We made it back out of the canyon. Whew!