30 June, 2012

Bull Riding

30th of June, 2012

Barbecue and Bull Riding at Mira's 2nd Annual Bday Extravaganza

(Mira is a dog belonging to my friend, Christina)

The set up...
Add a bull....
... and GO!

This time I'm taking the bull by the horns!

Okay, let's try that one more time.

I am going to be sooooo sore tomorrow!
Bull riders unite
And we all...
...fall down.
Good times! Thanks Christina for a fun evening! Mechanical bull riding... check.

24 June, 2012

Kodachrome Basin State Park - Utah

Sightseeing with friends Christina and Sonia.

More info on Kodachrome Basin State Park: http://www.utah.com/stateparks/kodachrome.htm

Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah

Sightseeing with friends Christina and Sonia.


Why are you taking my picture?!
Smiling pretty with Sonia

Christina getting messy.

More info on Bryce Canyon National Park: http://www.utah.com/nationalparks/bryce.htm

Photos by Teena, Christina, and Sonia

23 June, 2012

The Narrows in Zion National Park - Utah

I did this hike with my friends Christina and Sonia.

(click on the pictures to view them larger)

Christina the Tadpole Hunter!

We're here!
My hiking buddies - Christina and Sonia

Adding more sunscreen. Don't let me burn!

Getting deep.

 Photos by Teena, Christina, and Sonia

More info on this hike can be found at: http://www.zionnational-park.com/zion-narrows.htm