26 January, 2015

My New Kitty!

On the 5th of October, 2014, I signed the papers and adopted a new cat and took her home with me! 

Meet Iree. (This was the name that she came with). She is my new family member. I brought her home from The Humane Society of Utah. 

The shelter said she was around 10 years old was listed as a senior. She had been living there for 6 months. At first glance, she had way too much energy for what I was looking for in a cat, although she was very cute and playful! She was friendly and not shy about coming up to you to let you pet her. She was full of purrs and nuzzles.

I was looking for an older mellow lap cat to cuddle with, and possibly one that did not resemble any of my former cats. 

I went back to the shelter later that day to have second look at the top candidates I had picked out. The one I really had my eye on had already been adopted, so that shortened the list. I went back to see "Iree." She was supper cute after all! I sat down on the floor next to her bed and talked to her. She eagerly came to greet me with purrs and nuzzles... and then... jumped right onto my lap! So maybe, just maybe, there might be a lap cat in her somewhere. 

I went home and thought about it over night. She's the one that stuck in my head. Not at all what I was looking for in a cat, but she was cute and had personality for sure! So, that was that! I went back in the morning and adopted her.

During the examination by my vet, he guessed Iree is 2 to 3 years old (probably 2 - Surprise! Not a senior at all!) This is because of her clear bright and unfeathered eyes along with bright white teeth. The tell tale signs of her age is that when cats get around age 3, they usually have lines on their incisors. She did not have any and therefore is probably around 2 years old. No wonder she displayed so much playful energy!

I also decided to not change her name. It fits her in a way, plus my name is spelled with two "ee"s and so is hers.  ----"Iree", "Teena".

So far she is sweet, purrs, cuddles up to me (sometimes spreads out on my lap), playful, vocal, funny, and just overall cuteness. However, on the other side, she is extremely skittish, especially to people she doesn't know or people she doesn't know well enough yet. She is quite vocal about this uneasiness! Many people simply walk too fast or approach her too fast. Sometimes when things in the house are moved too much, she is a little uneasy and has to inspect it all. She is slowly warming up to the rest of the household but most of her trust is solely with me. She is my shadow wherever I go in the house.

Currently her favorite game is play fetch with her favorite toy mice which I find highly entertaining. 

Enjoying the morning sunshine along with a little bird watching.
Kitty In My Closet
Iree - My Kitty!
My pretty purry princess.